About Us

Our Vision & Mission

APP stands for Animals, Pets & Passion. Our utmost priority is to always ensure that our team is passionate in providing the best quality of food for both cats and dogs throughout these years. All ingredients are thoroughly handpicked and carefully refined in order to provide a top quality diet for your critters and ensure they live an optimal lifestyle.
APP’s Clientele

APP strives to use our platform to ensure consumer’s demands are met. APP’s products can currently be found in over 300 pet stores in Malaysia. We work with Malaysia’s largest chain stores such as Global Pets, Pets Lover Centre, Petsmore, Pet Family and Pets Wonderland as well as veterinaries and supermarkets.
Moving Forward

APP shares a common goal with our consumers: providing a happy and healthy lifestyle for our pets. Prioritizing our common values and innovating together will fortify our individual businesses in the pet industry in the foreseeable future. As the old saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. Working with others for the betterment of the Pet food industry broadens our collective perspectives and helps your business sail smoothly through the choppy waters of a volatile market.